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Knovel Roll-Out Kit

First and Foremost
Thank you for subscribing to Knovel. We know that a Knovel subscription is not a trivial investment. We at Knovel will do everything we can to support you in order for you to demonstrate to your patrons that your decision brought value to your institution.

About this Roll-Out Kit
In order to help you get maximum value from your Knovel Subscription, we have put together the materials in this roll-out kit to assist you in getting the word out about this valuable new resource to your patrons. The materials here will help you describe the value of Knovel to their everyday activities as well as helping them get started and learn how to make the most of access to this valuable new resource.

Contents of this Kit
Section 1: Suggested Text for Subscription Announcement
Section 2: Knovel Field Guide — Helpful Hints & Tips on Using Knovel
Section 3: Print Materials (Flyers, Posters, Logos, etc.)
Section 4: Search Examples
Section 5: Training
Section 6: Search Scenarios by Collection