Here’s a list of features that users can take advantage of in Knovel's new Interactive Tables

  • Mouse-over tooltips are available for all function buttons, and for column headings and cell contents
  • Column widths are user-controllable- if a column heading or cell contents exceed the default width of the column, you have two options:
    • Manually increase the width of the column by clicking and dragging,
    • Hover your mouse over the column heading or cell contents.
  • Drag and Drop- column display orders may be changed by dragging and dropping the column.
  • Sorting and show/hide columns are available by clicking on the downward-pointing arrow at the right of any column heading.  Show/hide updates dynamically, without requiring a full-screen refresh
  • No more checkboxes. The checkboxes for selecting rows are gone.  Rows are now selected by clicking on them. 

Sort Columns with a single click
table 1


Show/Hide columns easily by selecting/deselecting from the list

table 2

The checkboxes for selecting rows are gone.  Rows are now selected by clicking on them. 

table 3

As with other selections in windows, SHIFT selects all rows in a contiguous “block,” CTRL selects non-contiguous rows.  Doing either of these, and then clicking the Select Rows link displays only the rows selected

Select rows easily by clicking on the column, or using SHIFT-Click and CTRL-Click to select all or non-contiguous rows.

What has not changed:

  • Printing and exporting- Filtering, sorting, rearranging of columns, and/or selecting of rows are reflected in what exports and prints.  You get what you need, arranged the way you want it.
  • The links to View Table Notes, Return to TOC, Help, and Unit Converter still work the same. 
  • Tables are still filtered by your search criteria, and cells which match those criteria are still highlighted with background color.
  • Filter Data still works the same way, as does Cancel Filter.
  • You still have the option to view All Data or Data Found
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