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May 2, 2008 Volume 8, Issue 2


Have you seen the new Knovel?

Knovel recently released the first in the series of site upgrades planned for 2008. This most recent release included usability enhancements, improved navigation and easier search refinement to further enhance your productivity while using Knovel. If you haven’t experienced the enhancements yet, visit to see for yourself.

New Demos

Along with Knovel’s recent release, we’ve produced new flash demos to help walk you through. Check out our demos about Knovel's search capabilities and interactive tables and graphs.

The second edition of Knovel Critical Tables is now available!

Knovel Critical Tables

One of Knovel’s most popular titles, this 2nd edition of Knovel Critical Tables has been updated and enhanced with over 40 new interactive tables. A total of more than 16,000 new records have been added.

New tables have been introduced in areas including:

  • Electrical Properties
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Transport and Flow
  • Density and Compressibility
  • Vaporization and Vapor Pressure
  • Reaction, Thermodynamics and Equilibrium

Each serves to enhance the availablilty of materials and property information you can use Knovel to help find. Check out Knovel Critical Tables to see for yourself.

Knovel Solutions- Manufacturing Plastic from Soybeans?

Problem: Millions of tons of plastic packaging and other plastic waste are hauled to over-flowing landfills every year around the world and will remain there for a very long time.  The plastics industry is continuously searching for solutions to this problem by implementing "green" technologies, including the development of biodegrad-able plastics.

Knovel recently helped one engineer who was looking into utilizing soybeans in the manufacture of biodegradable plastics.

The idea came after a very simple search on Knovel for 'soybean oil and plastics'. The search produced 34 titles with a wealth of information on the use of soybean oil in the plastics and coatings industry. Click the image below to see the results.

search box

In Modern Plastics Handbook, the engineer found that biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) can be modified with epoxidized soybean oil to increase melt elasticity and also learned that epoxidized soybean oil can be used as a media to introduce a bactericide into a plastic.

Solution: The engineer found that soybean oil not only serves as a good biodegradable alternative to standard plastics and can increase the processing properties of PLA, but it can also help to fight microbes in the products made from it!   

If you have a project that Knovel helped you with or a problem you would like a Knovel expert to solve, let us know. If we feature your story, we'll send you a Knovel shirt and mug.

Sasha Gurke

Sasha Gurke helped transcribe this story for K-News. He is Sr. Vice President and one of Knovel's co-founders.

Sasha is a trained Chemist and Process Engineer with years of industrial and lab experience.

Did You Know...

Did you know that Knovel can search the Tensile and Compressive properties of thousands of materials?

Knovel has ultimate tensile strengths for thousands of materials. Use Fielded Search to find the tensile strength of stainless and HSLA steels, polyester and nylon plastics, composites and many more.

In total there are 21 tensile and compressive properties searchable on Knovel, ranging from allowable stress to tensile yield strength.

You can also specify open or closed numeric ranges of values:

  • > 50 ksi
  • between 65 and 75 ksi
  • or search on a single datapoint and use any unit of measurement

Click on the image below to start using Knovel's Fielded Search features today.

Upcoming Events

Knovel will be exhibiting, speaking and presenting at the following upcoming conferences.

PTC/USER World Event 2008 June 1-4 Long Beach Convention Center - Long Beach, CA
2008 SLA Annual Conference June 15-18 Washington State Convention Center - Seattle, Washington 
2008 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition June 22-25 David L. Lawrence Conventions Center - Pittsburgh, PA 

To learn more about where and what we will be doing at each event please visit our events page on the web. We hope to see you there.

New Titles on Knovel

Knovel has added 120 new titles to 10 subject areas this year from top
publishers such as: Springer, Elsevier, John Wiley, NCRP and more! Click here to Browse new titles.

21 New titles were added to Electrical and Power Engineering including:

Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles Fuel Cells, Engines and Hydrogen - An Exergy Approach Fuel Cells, Engines and Hydrogen - An Exergy Approach
Electromagnetic Theory Electromagnetic Theory Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning

28 New titles were added to Safety and Industrial Hygiene including:

(NCRP Report #16)

Screening of Humans for Security Purposes Using Ionizing Radiation Scanning Systems

(NCRP Report #154)

Cesium-137 in the Environment - Radioecology and Approaches to Assessment and Management

(Report No. 155) Management of Radionuclide Therapy Patients (NCRP Report #153)

Information Needed to Make Radiation Protection Recommendations for Space Missions beyond Low-Earth Orbit

15 New titles were added to Plastics & Rubbers including:

Polymer Reference Book

Polymer Reference Book

Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films, Volume 3

Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films, Volume 3

Handbook of Material Weathering (4th Edition) Handbook of Material Weathering (4th Edition) Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers

Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers


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